In today's world everything is connected. And that is our passion at Kudu Laboratories. We have developed a solution that can help you make your next design connect to the Ethernet physical layer industrial network of your choice not only easy, but cost competitive as well. We have removed the complexity of embedded EtherNet/IP by developing a stack that handles single or dual port EtherNet/IP traffic depending on your requirements. Our solution is modular and scalable to fit all applications. At the heart of our design is a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor from Texas Instruments that enabled us to embed the Etherner/IP stack as well as a dual port Ethernet switch that can be used for network redundancy by using the DLR protocol. Our solution provides you with very low cost, dual port EtherNet/IP entry into the industrial networked world. And since it was developed using COTS components you are guaranteed availability of parts and lower cost per part. Please contact us if you are interested in more information on how we did this and what it means for your next development project.


Typical cost of materials for making your industrial devices network capable can run in the hundreds of dollars. Our solution costs a fraction of this. Please contact us for detailed information on how we achieved this.

Less parts means smaller size! We have embedded a dual port, DLR capable, EtherNet/IP switch and CIP stack onto one

microprocessor. This way you can keep your housing size smaller which also means more of your devices in a customer's MCC cabinets.


Not only does our solution use very little power due to the fact that we only need one

microprocessor, but it saves you even more money since you will not have to create larger power supplies for running the switch or increase housing size to manage your heat. 


Making the connection